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Insanity destroys reason, but not wit.

{Perhaps a lunatic was simply a minority of one}

Roleplay community for Gale Hospital and Rehab.
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A roleplay community for Gale Psychiatric Hospital and Rehab Center.

Gale Hospital and Rehab: A panfandom role-playing community.
Hello and welcome to Gale Hospital and Rehab, home to some and just a day visit to others. We treat all manner of patients in the two sections of our hospital, though we would ask that those higher-up the 'sanity' ladder don't make too much noise in the hospital wings; it can...worry our more serious cases.

That said, any and all mental disorders are admissible for treatment in the hospital, just as any sort of addiction is welcome into our rehab center. As it happens that a good deal of addicts also have something they could use some therapy for (surprising, we know), there's a good chance you'll be involved in both programs. Therapists will conduct both group and individual therapy for all patients*.

*if they can be trusted in a group. After the infamous event of '99 involving a weed whacker, a chair leg and creatively-used light bulbs, patients with severe enough mental disturbances may be excused from group therapy.

Some of the many things Gale has to offer:
-Wings of dorms for patients to live in if they choose
-A pharmacy where doctors can write out and fill patient's prescriptions
-A lounge area
-A central courtyard
-A cafeteria
-A communal "kitchen" equipped with microwaves and the like for patient use between meals (assuming that they can be trusted around hot and/or sharp objects)

Members List

Gregory House | hedonist_mocks | Kishamaru42
George Noel-Byron | dr_donjuan | cyanide oranges
Jadzia Dax | own_yourself | ownyourselfxjd
Hans Landa | ichbinarzt | SourMilkTea
Miles Edgeworth | furrowedofbrow | prosecutingly

George Harrison
| x_sourmilksea | SourMilkTea
Dee Dee Ramone | toomuch2drink | ToDieInBerlin
Gram Parsons | opiumsunset | cyanide oranges
Mary Shelley | fml_enstein | SourMilkTea
Percy Bysshe Shelley | on_lovers_lips | ToDieInBerlin
Hannibal Lecter | glass_ofchianti | Kishamaru42
Samuel Taylor Coleridge | honeydewfed | cyanide oranges
'Chap' Chaplin Kale Mano | pillbottleboy | SimpleLittleSins

Copy and paste this into the Admin Console after being approved to add everyone to your Friends List.


North Wing
Room 101 - Dee Dee Ramone

East Wing
Room 201 - George Harrison
Room 202 - Gram Parsons
Room 203 - Mary Shelley
Room 204 - Percy Bysshe Shelley
Room 205 - Samuel Taylor Coleridge

South Wing
Room 301 - Hannibal Lecter

West Wing (Doctor's)
Room 401 - Gregory House
Room 402 - George Noel-Byron
Room 403 - Jadzia Dax
Room 404 - Hans Landa
Room 405 - Miles Edgeworth

~Outside the Hospital~
'Chap' Chaplin Kale Mano

-This RP is both AIM-based and email based; you'll need an AIM screen name and be willing to share your email. (You can simply make your own separate email for your character, if you'd like.)
It can be your personal one or one created solely for the character, it doesn't matter; you simply need them to RP. We request email accounts as well because a lot of us are just too busy sometimes to sit at the computer for hours on end to RP.
-Patients/doctors can be characters from movies, tv shows, or books (as long as there's a live base for them), as well as musicians, celebrities, or original characters. However please, for OCs, have a developed storyline and personality for them.
-The age can range anywhere from 18 and up; as much fun as jailbait can be we'd rather not have any here.
-Characters can be male or female. Or both. Or neither.
-Please keep IC drama IC and OOC drama OOC. Though by all means, have plenty of IC drama. (Of course keeping it realistic is always appreciated.)
-It goes without saying that drug/alcohol use in this comm is not only acceptable but rather plot-central. However, try to use common sense about it if your character is here for rehab.
-Mpreg, on the other hand, is not.
-Please wait until you've been approved to try joining the comm; members are moderated and you'll only confuse the other mods if you try to join before even applying.
-There will be mature themes in some storylines, and it’s safe to say that gay sex will be rather rampant as well. If you don't like it, either don’t join or don’t get involved in those sorts of storylines with your character. (Though it doesn't need to be the basis of your character's story, still.)
-There will also be a mixture, at any given time, of fictional and real people, some of whom may be deceased. Bitching about this gets no one anywhere unless of course one counts that whoever does said bitching may get booted from the comm for harassing fellow players; we've had trouble with this sort of thing in the past. It's not done as a sign of disrespect; in fact one would assume that if you're RPing as someone, you probably like and respect them to at least some degree.

The Journals

The journals should be written in your character’s voice, as if they themselves were writing it.
Bad speller or good, polyglot or English-speaking only, emoticon-whore or not. The obvious use for them is to monitor the progress of all patients, but that doesn’t mean that has to be all your character talks about in them. Mention how their day went, who they met, how much they want to bang that pretty blonde secretary, whatever you can think of. It’s their journal, after all.
Some basic rules/notes:
-Contrary to popular belief, we’ve come to find that people who spend time on the internet can still have lives outside of it, so don’t be too worried over updating your character’s journals. To keep the comm alive and have more opportunities for characters to meet each other through them, it’s recommended to update once a week or so, but don’t sweat it if you can’t always manage that. A mod will probably contact you over AIM if you haven’t updated in three weeks or more to remind you. Due to a lack of inactivity in many comm members, if you haven't updated in a week, you'll be reminded in a group post to fully_baked_rp. Two weeks and a mod will likely contact you over AIM to remind you/ask what's going on.
-On that note, if you’re going on hiatus, please mention it OOC in a journal so the mods (and other RPers) know.

sortinghat_rp | dystopian_flux | antea_furor | tropical_doom

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